Competition Guide


Registration and Competition will take place at the prestigious Solaire Theater in the Solaire Resort and Casino, Manila Philippines


Media pass are available upon request. 

Email Oscar at 


Call Lahaina at +63915-202-8569


Backstage pass - US$100 or Php5500

Backstage pass is available during check-in at first come first served basis

International Coaches who have a team of 10 or more may receive 1 free backstage pass.

Coaches who plan to go back and forth from the seats to backstage must have a valid show ticket to purchase a backstage pass.  


Event tickets are available at

Gold VIP - $100 or Php 5000

   1. Priority VIP Entrance

   2. Priority VIP Reserved Seating for prejudging and finals

   3. VIP Meet & Greet

   4. Best Photo Opportunities

   5. SRC Souvenirs

Silver VIP - $50 or Php3000

   1. VIP Entrance

   2. VIP Reserved Seating for prejudging and finals

General Seating (All day)

Orchestra - 990Pesos

Balcony - 790Pesos 

Competition schedule

Friday, December 7, 2018

9am - Setup

9am - Tanning appointments begin.

10am - Registration/Check in and Tanning walk in begins

10a-1pm - Local athletes and Non-PQ

1-3pm - Pro Qualifiers

3-4pm - Judging seminar

4:30pm - IFBB Pros check in

Saturday, December 8, 2018

5am - Liquid Sun Rayz Tanning

          - Glaze and Touch up (All day)

7-8am - Late Check in

8:30am - Mandatory Athlete Meeting

9am - Prejudging

    1. Men's Bodybuilding

    2. Classic Physique

    3. Women's Physique

    4. Women's Figure

    5. Women's Bikini

    6. Men's Physique

1pm - Break

2pm - 3:30pm  VIP Meet n Greet

5pm - Finals

    1. Show start

    2. Parade of Atheltes

    3. Men's Physique

    4. Women's Bikini

    5. Men's Physique Pro Prejudging

    6. Women's Bikini Pro Prejudging

    7. Classic Physique

    8. Women's Physique

    9. Women's Figure

7:30p break

    10. Guest Pose

    11. Men's Bodybuilding

    12. Women's Bikni Pro Finals

    13. Men's Physique Pro Finals

    14. Champion's Photo

    15. End show